The Village brand was already defined, our goal was to create a concept that fit within their brand and family of existing beers.


The Village Snitch inspired by my siblings, but in particular my sister. 
Having a brother we would always get into shenanigans leaving my sister out of the fun.
In turn she resorted to the authority of my parents, lurking in the shadows
she would wait for her chance to make us look like the bad guys.


A Golden Gooseberry Ale.
A light bodied brew, with the sweet taste of cinnamon to lure you in, but not without a bite of sour fuelled by exclusion.


Be wary of the Village Snitch, at first she is golden and glowing,
sprinkled with cinnamon, but there is something suspiciously sweet about her smile.
Soured by exclusion, she has the bitter bite of gooseberries.
Better think twice, the snitch is always watching.


Reinforcing the Village Snitch brand, Instagram was there to let the customer know about this new beer
as well a webpage was created to help explain the Snitches 'story'


ACAD collaborated with the local Calgary company Village Brewery to give students real life experience,
and feedback from the the people responsible for creating the Village brand.

The top 4 flavours as chosen by the CEO of Village were brewed and people were invited to a Cask event hosted by National on 8th Ave.


Creative/Art Direction: Darryl Hill
Copywriting and Graphics: Jordan Chow, Kat Wawrykow
*Academic Project in collaboration with Village Brewery