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BioSteel Campaign


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When things don’t go your way, there are two options,
what are you going to choose?

Biosteel Logo

A new identity created out of the PUSH campaign. The new mark is
something that would be connected to the campaign and be able to
speak for the campaign, without saying anything.

BioSteel Identity
BioSteel Identity
BioSteel Merchandise
BioSteel product

A sports drink that helps you perform at your best, with
no preservatives, no caffeine, no sugar, and no artificial colors or flavours.
BioSteel is what Gatorade and Powerade claim to be.

Peel. Push. Shake.

The gritty nature of a hockey player, the unpolished look of the playoff beard.
These typographic heavy posters were inspired by those aesthetics and tapping into
the language of a hockey player was were it really succeeds for the audience.

Typographical Poster
Typographical Poster
Typographic Poster
Typographical Posters

Subsequent shorts were created, these would be shown during the half
commercial breaks of a hockey game, 7 to 10 second spaces.



Creative/Art Direction: Darryl Hill
Filming/Editing: Darryl Hill
Skater: Brett Hogan