BioSteel #PUSH

BioSteel is a high performance sports drink, providing athletes with the energy to train longer, and healthier.


New look, along with a campaign kickoff to help BioSteel get to that next level.

*Academic Project

New BioSteel identity

The new identity came together as an anagram of the B and S from the company name.
It has forward movement and feels active including sharp, angular qualities, fitting well with the
purpose of the product which is to push yourself forward.

A stylized alteration of the new identity, which will help to keep a cohesive feeling
from the new branding into the PUSH Campaign.

biosteel product

The new identity would be used on products and the stylized
logo would be used on merchandise and clothing.


The #PUSH campaign was inspired by BioSteel's specific benefits and their unique bottle design with the product needing to be activated in water by pushing on a button at the top of the bottle. PEEL. PUSH. SHAKE. That is where it all began, and the word PUSH feeling so natural to the physicality and mentality of sports that I couldn't deny the connection.

Creating a voice for BioSteel was important, their product was different and so should their voice. With the way sports are perceived, athletes and specifically hockey players have created their own language and I thought BioSteel would benefit from being paired up with that. 

Taking the style and language of the print campaign the commercial was then created. The commercial created
this feeling that the viewer would be able to associate with and take interest in the product.

Shorts were also created, that would be shown during the half
commercial breaks of a hockey game, 7 to 10 second spaces.