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Drafters Hockey Cards

Making hockey cards relevant again

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Branding hockey cards and bringing them back
to the era of collection and value.

Hockey cards have become irrelevant in today's world.
The challenge was to make hockey cards relevant again.

Drafters logo

Take hockey cards back to the era when they had effortless beauty, solid
vibrant colours, offset print, and pixelated colouring to name a few qualities.

Hockey Cards

Fantasy hockey has become increasingly popular and with the resurrection of
hockey cards, I felt they could benefit from being a part of that excitement.

Connor McDavid Hockey Card

With a scannable "snapchat" like barcode on the back, you would download the Drafters
app, set your lineups and play instant fantasy hockey with friends or other competition around the world.

Hockey Card Packaging

The foil packaging, just too classic to get rid of, helped push the nostalgia aspects.
Like a locker room stall, the cards were hung up like jerseys and would be displayed as such in the stores.

Hockey Cards Point of Purchase

Website and mobile experience, the look and feel the consumer would interact with, and know it was Drafters.

Drafters Website gif
Mobile gamepage
Phil Kessel Poster
Martin Jones poster
Connor McDavid Poster

Some other brand touch points, to really drive home the look and feel of Drafters,
as well as just have fun with the content that I loved creating.

Away Drafters Jersey
Alternate Drafters Jersey
Home Drafters Jersey


Fantasy Hockey players are a special breed, and risking it all is the name of the game, even your pride.

Ridiculous wagers are what make Fantasy Hockey so thrilling for the contestants,
it's about swallowing your pride and follow through, that's what brings out the best moments.

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Blue Ad Closeup


Creative/Art Direction: Darryl Hill
Photography: Google